Mt Keira Renovation

9 Spring St, Mt Keira

Residential Renovation


9 Spring St, Mt Keira

Project Duration:
12 Months


Project Summary

This project involved transforming an old 80’s era style home to new Hampton Style Home.

The pre-existing driveway was demolished and excavated and new driveway was constructed.

The site is positioned on the slope of a mountain which has constant under flowing ground water which impacts the footings. A customized retaining wall together with underground drainage was constructed which re-directed ground water and gave a new lease of life to the structural foundation of the premises.

The work required complex site excavation

Finely detailed finishes across all trades and excellent workmanship were prominent

A superbly executed renovation in every respect

Haidar Ademi

Business Manager

Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Accounting)

Haidar brings a brilliant finance mind to the building industry. He has over a decade of experience in finance and the construction industry and has honed his skills to deliver organised and cost-effective construction projects.

Haidar has worked for some of the largest corporations in Australia such as Telstra and TNT, and consulted to numerous large scale developers and builders.

Alex Mitrevski

Quantity Surveyor

Diploma in Surveying; Cert IV in Building and Construction

Alex plays a key role in Summit Construction’s ability to deliver a construction project efficiently. Alex’s prime role and focus is to manage all costs associated with the building process and civil engineering. Alex’s work is both office and onsite-based and the main goal is to minimise expenses. Alex always seeks to do this without compromising the quality of the end result or failing to adhere to the building, health, and safety regulations.

Khaled Awada

Construction Manager

Diploma in Building and Construction; Double Degree in Business and Commercial Bachelor Degree in Surveying

Khaled’s position in Summit Construction is extremely valuable due to his experience, skills and intimate knowledge of the construction industry. Khaled holds a Diploma in Building and Construction, Double Degree in Business and Commerce as well as a Bachelor Degree in Surveying. Khaled has proven his impact to any site or project is immense on a construction management level.

One of Khaled’s strengths is his expert knowledge of building products, construction details and relevant rules, regulations, and quality standards. Khaled has an ability to always see the “big picture”. He is also extremely competent in conflict and crisis management.

Ali Haydar

Site Manager

Diploma in Building and Construction

Ali has been handpicked because of his vast experience in the construction industry. His management skills provide a seamless building process and clear communication channels. Ali supervises and oversees the direction of projects by ensuring that the client’s specifications and requirements are met, reviewing progress, and liaising with quantity surveyors to monitor costs.

Ali’s hands on approach ensures he liaises with the client, other construction professionals and sometimes members of the public in relation to stakeholder management.

Ali Haidar

Managing Director

Qualified carpenter;
licensed builder

Ali has an industry-wide high reputation for quality building and construction for over 10 years. Through some of the most unique building projects, Ali has been able to showcase the weight of experience and attention to detail.

Ali’s career in the building and construction industry, he has delivered with various positions from Project Manager and Senior Building Management Role’s.

Ali brings peace of mind with any project that is taken on by Summit Constructions. His extensive experience enables him to lead and assist site teams in managing all stages of project delivery ensuring quality is maintained and project objectives including program and design intent are achieved.